Mixed olives, crisp & nuts  4.50   

Sour dough (V) 2.75 pp (g,d)   

Pork scratchings & apple jam   3.50


open sandwiches

Sauté wild mushrooms, Devon blue cheese, caramelised onion jam, skinny fries, salad  10.95 (g,d,m) (V)

Local ale & treacle braised brisket, Devon blue cheese, caramelised onion jam, skinny fries, salad  12.97 (g,d,m)

Crayfish & beetroot cured salmon citrus mayo, skinny fries, salad  11.95 (g,d,f,cr)


from the garden

Big bowl soup of the day, sourdough 5.25 (V)

Panko fried local Brie, tomato & gooseberry chutney, skinny fries, salad  7.95 (V) (d,g,m)

Veggie burger - chickpea & sweetcorn patty, pepper,  beetroot, gem lettuce, tomato, skinny fries (VE) 12.75 (m,d,g,e)

Spinach, garlic mushroom pasta layer with a herby crust (V) 12.95 (d,g)


from the farm


Xmastucky turkey burger: southern fried coated turkey breast, gem lettuce tomato, sriracha mayo, crispy onion, skinny fries  13.95 (g,m,d)

Home honey roasted gammon, egg, triple cooked chips 11.45 (e,su)

The Pig’ ploughman’s, local cheddar & meats, homemade pickles, fresh sourdough 10.50 (g,d,m)

Crispy pork belly, orange, chilli & ginger pork bites, coriander, spring onion salad & skinny fries   8.75 (s)
The ‘Pig’ burger; 8oz beef burger, pulled pork, bacon, gem lettuce, tomato, mustard mayo, apple jam, crispy onion, skinny fries  13.95 (g,d,m,e)


from the sea


Tempura king prawns, crisp fried calamari & nori, sweet soy, sesame dipping sauce, mango, lotus root crisp salad   8.25  (mol,g,d,e) 

Lightly  battered haddock burger, tartare sauce, crushed minted peas, truffle & parmesan fries, side salad 13.95 (f,d,g)

Smoked salmon cushions, filled with mascarpone salmon tatarte, topped with black cavair

garnished with pickled fennel, celeriac remoulade, confit cherry tomato 7.95 (f,d,su)

Classic battered haddock, triple cooked chips, peas & tartare sauce  12.95 (g,f,su,e,d)




House side salad (n) 3.00       -       Triple cooked chips        4.00       -     Skinny fries                  3.00            -Truffle and Parmesan fries  4.50


Vanilla pannacotta layer with blackberry jelly with a piggy shortbread biscuit 6.75 (d,g)


Sticky toffee pudding, salted caramel, toffee sauce, ice cream (V) 6.25 (g, e, d, n)

70% dark chocolate marquis, honeycomb (V) 7.25 (d. g, n)

Turinois ~ chocolate & chestnut pudding served with a candied orange slice & double cream 7.10 (d,n,su)

Selection of local  ice creams  & sorbets 
(gluten free without biscuit)     (d, e, g, so)
1 scoop = 1.75    2 scoops = 2.75     3 scoops = 3.75

Local cheese board - selection of South West cheeses served 
with artisan biscuits, quince jelly, celery, grapes and candied walnuts  10.50 (d,g)