1. Rue des Amis, Chardonnay, France

    Pale gold in colour, bouquet of ripe peaches, a hint of vanilla. 
    Easy drinking culminating in a delicious, round, fresh finish.
    Bottle             125ml             175ml             25oml
    16.50             3.25                 4.50                 5.95         (12.5%)

  2. Pinot Grigio, Laroma, Venezia Italy


    Fresh, dry and delicate with gentle floral and citrus
    aromas. A classic Italian white wine. (12.5%)

    Bottle             125ml             175ml            250ml
    18.95              3.40               4.85             6.45           (12.5%)


  3. Taworri, Sauvignon Blanc, New Zealand

    A citrus led palate with a long-lasting and refreshing finish,
    encapsulating the essence of what Marlborough does best
    Bottle              125ml            175ml            250ml
    23.50                4.10              5.95             7.85            (12%)


  4. Chardonnay, Butterball South Australia
    Clean, pure fruit style with tropical fruit and not a jot of oak 
    to interfere - just bright, fresh Chardonnay in all its glory.

    Bottle             23.00     (13%)    


  5. Rioja Blanco, Ondarre, Spain
    Ripe fruit flavours with notes of date and banana results in a
    mouth filling finish and pleasant aftertaste.

    Bottle             23.00            (12.5%)


  6. Gavi La Battistina, Italy

    Brilliant bright and fresh with charming poached pear and
    peach fruit flavours. Zesty acidity with a hint of minerality.

    Bottle 24.95 (12%)


  7. Dart Valley Reserve, England

    Super full-flavoured, zippy estate wine. Energetic and with
    all the-structure for a long happy life.

    Bottle 29.50 (11%)


  8. Chablis,  Louis Moreau, Francefresh, crisp Chardonnay has wonderful citrus and mineral
     notes with a nutty hint on the finish.

    Bottle:             38.00            (12.5%)

  9. Sancerre Blanc, Berthier, Loire, France
    Aromas of grapefruit & gooseberry. Mineral texture, high 
    acidity, vibrant green fruits and a long finish.

    Bottle:             39.50            (12.5%)        


14. Pinot Grigo Rosé, Italy
This pleasing rose has a freshness, delicacy and 
rose-scentedcharm all the way through.

Bottle             125ml             175ml            250ml
18.50              3.35                4.80              6.20            (12%)

15. Zinfandel Rosé
A medium-dry rose with ripe red fruits and a touch of 
sweetness to soften the palate. Easy drinking for sun shine.

Bottle              125ml            175ml            250ml
15.75               3.20               4.30             5.60            (11.5%)



17.Botrytis Semillion Vat 5, De Bortoli, N.S.W. 
75m 3.75    Half bottle 17.50    (11%)


18. Shiraz-Cinsaut, South Africa
Honest & straightforward it has dark cassis fruit with 
peppery overtones, encased in a silky, soft tannin shell.

Bottle              125ml            175ml            250ml
18.50              3.35                4.50             5.95            (13%)

19. Merlot, Urmeneta, Chile
Medium bodies, soft tannins, with black fruit and sweet 
vanilla flavours.

Bottle              125ml            175ml            250ml
17.50               3.35               4.80              6.20            (14%)

20. Malbec,  Argentina
Soft red fruit notes with elegantly smooth tannins 
and a lingering finish.

Bottle              125ml            175ml            250ml
19.95               3.55               4.95              6.50            (14%)

21. Cormoran Rioja Crianza, Spain
Instantly attractive combination of vital strawberry fruit 
and soft oak flavours, that is the hallmark Rioja.

Bottle              125ml            175ml            250ml
23.50               4.10               5.95              7.85            (14%)

23. Zinfandel, True Zin, Southern Italy
Organic & oak-aged. Fruity with notes of plums, cherry jam and 
tobacco; spicy with an aftertaste of cocoa, coffee and vanilla.

Bottle                  20.50         (14%)


25. Santo Isidro de Pegoes, Touriga national , Portugal
A full -bodied red wine from portugal with aging potential like Cabernet Sauvignon.

Bottle                  26.00        (14%)

26. Cotes de Rhone Rouge, France
A bright and seductively fruity wine packed with red fruit 
characters, well-rounded tannins and balanced acidity 

Bottle                 26.00        (13.5%)


28. Hochar Père et Fils, Château Musar, Lebanon
Intense burgundy colour. Nose of black fruits backed up by 
figs, dates & spices. Good acidity, fine tannins, good length.

Bottle                 33.00        (14%)

29. Crozes Hermitage, La Petite Ruche, France
Red fruits, blackcurrant and raspberry aromas, fresh and 
rounded with a baked fruit note on the palate. Fine - elegant.

Bottle                 39.00        (13%)


30. Prosecco Asolo Spumante, Botter, NV, Italy
An exquisite Prosecco with a fine delicate mousse. Like
a ray of sunshine in a glass, with light apple notes.

Bottle         £25.00            125ml    £4.75        (11%)

31. Chapel Down Brut, England
This refreshing, zesty and balanced sparking wine has 
fine bubbles that wrap around all corners of your mouth

Bottle                £40.00        (11.5%)

32. Bollinger Special Cuvee, France
A full-bodied Champagne of great class. Delightful pale
gold in colour, the mousse is light and persistent.

Bottle         £65.00        (12%)