FROM FRI 16th June

MONDAY TO SATURDAY Served from 12pm - 2.30pm


to start
A selection of small plates for the table with a tapas twist to start the meal. 
(Recommended: 2 people, 3 - 4 dishes).  


Mixed olives   (V) 2.95    -    Pork scratchings & apple jam   3.50    -    Pressed hamhock terrine, piccalilli 4.25 (c,m,g)


Sourdough (V) 1.50 pp (g,d)     -     Chinese crispy pork belly    4.75     -     Salt & szechuan pepper squid   4.25  (mol,g,d,e)




Big bowl tomato & basil soup, cheese on toast for dipping (V) 7.25 (g,d,n) 

English chicken & leek pie, mash, buttered veg.  11.95 (g,d,su,c,e)

Truffled macaroni cheese, garden salad. 9.95 (V) (g,d,m)

Buffalo mozzarella, heritage tomato, black olive, sourdough  (V) 9.95 (s,d)

‘The Pigs’ Bubble & squeak, poached hens egg, hollandaise, watercress (V) 11.75 (e,d,g,su)

Beer battered haddock, triple cooked chips, mushy peas & tartar sauce  12.95 (g,f,su,e,d)

‘The Pig’ ploughman’s, local cheese, pickles, chutney, salad, breads, cold cuts  10.95 (d,g,m,c)



our famous burgers

The ‘Pig’ burger; 8oz beef burger, pulled pork, bacon, gem lettuce, tomato, mustard mayo, apple jam, crispy onion, skinny fries  13.95 (g,d,m,e)

Chicken burger, panko crumbs, chipotle mayo, gem lettuce, tomato, coleslaw skinny fries 13.25 (d,g,e,m)

Veggie burger - chickpea & corn patty, charred  pepper, beetroot & feta salsa, mustard mayo,  gem lettuce, tomato, skinny fries (V) 12.75 (m,d,g,e)


(All served in either artisan sourdough, white or brown bloomer, with a side of skinny fries)

Barnstaple smoked trout, crushed avocado, soft boiled egg  10.95 ( e, g, f)

Devon crisp pork belly, stuffing mayo, tomato, baby gem 11.95 (g, m, e)

West country steak - (served pink or well done)
Devon blue cheese, mustard mayo, rocket, onions  13.95 (d,e,g,m)

Cave aged cheddar, tomato (V) 6.95 (g,d,e)



Buttermilk panna cotta, black cherry & pistachio 6.95 (d,g)


Seasonal crumble, with either custard, ice cream, or clotted cream £6.75 (d,g,n,e)

Vanilla cheesecake, local strawberry & basil 6.25 (e,g,n,d)


Sticky toffee pudding, salted caramel, pecans (V) 6.25 (g, e, d, n)


70% dark chocolate brownie, hot chocolate sauce (V) 7.25 (d. g, n)




Selection of ice creams from Tennacott Farm dairy
(d, e, g, so)
1 scoop = 1.50    2 scoops = 2.50     3 scoops = 3.50
vanilla - raspberry ripple - chocolate (n) - salted caramel - strawberry cream - mango

Artisan cheese board - selection of South West cheeses served 
with homemade chutney, biscuits & fruits £8.95 (d,g)