May 2019                                                     

Served from 5.30pm - 9pm


to start
Mixed olives   (V) 2.95     -     Sour dough (V) 2.75 pp (g,d)    
Pork scratchings & apple jam   3.50  


Soup of the day, crispy sourdough  5.25 (V)(d)

Beetroot cured salmon salad, apple & celeraic remoulade, sorrel pesto  7.50

Salt & szechuan pepper squid   5.25  (mol,g,d,e)           Chinese crispy pork belly    5.75

Brie wedges, homemade chutney  4.95 (g,e,d)  


Chicken supreme , mushroom madeira sauce  
boulangere potato, greens, 14.25 (d,su)

Braised belly of pork, glazed pig cheeks, seasonal greens, champ mash, jus 16.00

Pan roasted cod fillet, roasted fennel, beets, red onion and new potatoes, saffron cream  16.25  

Ribeye steak, brisket croquette, roasted shallots, chips, seasonal salad 25.85       

Beer battered haddock, minted crushed peas, triple  cooked chips, tartare sauce 12.95 (su,f,m,c,g

piggy classics

The ‘Pig’ burger; 8oz beef burger, pulled pork,  bacon, gem lettuce, tomato, 
                          mustard mayo, apple jam, crispy onion, skinny fries  13.95 (g,d,m,e)
                                                                              Veggie burger - chickpea & sweetcorn patty, charred pepper, beetroot &                                                                                      feta salsa, gem lettuce, tomato, skinny fries (V & vegan ) 12.75 (m,d,g,e)

 Katsu chicken burger:  Katsu crumbed chicken breast, gem lettuce , tomato,
 sriracha mayo, crispy onion, skinny fries  13.95 (g,m,d)      



sides  (v)


House side salad (n)       3.00
Triple cooked chips           4.00
Add cheese (d)                  1.00
 Seasonal greens (d)           3.50
  Skinny fries                        3.00





Seasonal crumble with either custard, ice cream, or
clotted cream 6.75 (d,g,n,e)

Orange cheesecake, rhubarb jelly, orange sorbet 7.25

Sticky toffee pudding, salted caramel, toffee sauce, ice cream (V) 6.25 (g, e, d, n)

70% dark chocolate marquis, honeycomb (V) 7.25 (d. g, n)

Selection of local ice creams  
(d, e, g, so)
1 scoop = 1.50    2 scoops = 2.50     3 scoops = 3.50


Artisan cheese board - selection of South West cheeses served 
with homemade chutney, biscuits & fruits £8.95 (d,g) 


cr = Crustacean       g = Gluten      d = Dairy      e = Egg       f = Fish      c = Celery    l= Lupin
n = Nuts      m = Mustard     s = Sesame    mo = Molluscs   p= Peanuts   so= Soya    su= Sulphur Dioxide

Gluten free alternatives also available v = suitable for vegetarians * = ask a member of staff for allergens