Three courses for £24.95 per person 
Complimentary xmas crackers

from November 14th


the start

Tomato & capsicum soup, balsamic oil (V)(d)

  Brie wedges, christmas chutney  (V) (g,e,d)

Salmon tartare, orange & pepper biscuit, creme fraiche,  basil oil, baby leaf salad  (g,d)

Chinese crispy pork belly 

for main 

Pan roasted cod loin pepper stew, new potatoes, black olive tapanade (f)

Game pie with shortcrust pastry, seasonal vegetables, mash  (g,d)

Turkey wellington: cranberry stuffing in a light puff pastry, roasted potatoes, 
brussel sprouts bacon & chestnuts, ‘Pigs’ in blankets, honey parsnips, cranberry sauce  (g)

Vegetarain wellington, chestnut & walnut duxelle, cheese, carrots & parsnips (n,g,d)

The ‘Pig’ burger; 8oz beef burger, pulled pork,  bacon, gem lettuce, tomato, mustard mayo, 
apple jam, crispy onion, skinny fries (g,d,m,e)

The Pig’s festive burger: Katsu crumbed turkey breast,cranberry stuffing, gem lettuce 
tomato, scented sage mayo, spiced winter jam, crispy onion, skinny fries (g,m,d)



Mulled wine jelly warm winter berry compote, homemade biscotti biscuit (n,su,g)

Buttermilk panna cotta, raspberries (d,g)

70% dark chocolate brownie, hot chocolate sauce (V)  (d. g, n)

Sticky toffee pudding, salted caramel, pecans (V)  (g, e, d, n)

70% dark chocolate marquis, honeycomb (V)  (d. g, n)